Everything that kills me makes me feel alive
Кажется, был такой фан фикшен, даже и выпущенный. Но это не он. Это настольная карточная игра, в которой можно зарабатывать очки, совершенствоваться в различных вещах, пока не станешь достойной одного из джентельменов и он не сделает тебе предложение. Но важнее, кажется, все-таки не само предложение, но обогнать на повороте других претенденток по очкам.

My husband, Tom, funded a kickstarter for a new P&P "Marrying Mr. Darcy," and the game just came. We've only played twice but it was a real hoot. It's very Regency marriage mart-oriented and the goal is not really to marry Mr. Darcy (I mean, Georgiana can't, obv), but--as one of 8 female P&P characters--to get the best combo of points from attractive attributes and points from attracting/accepting marriage proposals from one of six P&P men.

You draw event cards like "learn a new song on the pianoforte, pick one character card and play one character card" or "your sister embarrasses you at the ball, lose one reputation point".

The first time I picked Lizzy and Tom picked Jane, and I prevented Mr. Bingley from being eligible for most of the game (he was away in London and every time I drew a party card, I left him there)...and then, when Jane!Tom brought him back, ended up marrying him myself when I didn't have enough "wit" points to entice Mr. Darcy. Jane!Tom became engaged to Mr. Denny or Col. Fitzwilliam, but nearly beat me anyway because of all the points he had for many positive attributes ("beauty", "reputation", etc.) Still, Lizzy/Bingley won the day.

Second game, I played Caroline Bingley and Tom was Georgiana Darcy. I talked in Duck Face's voice the whole game, and even won Mr. Darcy by the skin of my teeth. The Georgiana character actually gets a fairly high number of points for marrying Wickham (I think someone has to for game balance), so Georgiana!Tom accepted Wickham and with "her" superior point collection again was able to win!

The whole thing had us quoting, laughing, and generally being very goofy. It was a lot of fun and I highly recommend it for a group of Janeites getting together.

The game designer is a PhD musician/conductor from the Twin Cities (originally from WI), so that made me even happier that we helped make her dream come true with the kickstarter. (с) Meg E

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